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Simply magnificent

Crown Towers - the new standard

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The new symbol of Bucharest

Crown Towers will represent a label for the community of successful people. The tower buildings will rise like a symbol for the city, through each displayed detail, starting from the futuristic and unique façade and to the last peculiarity of the whole concept of that one wants and expects.
At this moment, no other project in Bucharest meets the architecture and facilities of the Crown Towers project: imposing, futuristic, harmonious, respecting the standards of quality and social responsibility.
Visualized by one of the top real estate developers in Romania, designed by award winning architects, Crown Towers will have a complex mix of functions brought together for a high standard living.

  • Location in the northern part of the Romanian capital;
  • Statement Architecture;
  • Fully integrated smart-home system;
  • Business center, restaurants and cafes;
  • Individual car parks: underground, underground and bunk;
  • Charging stations for electric cars;
  • Landscaping and ultra-premium indoor gardens;
  • Fitness room, private pool with luxury amenities;
  • Dedicated ultra-quality SPA.
Phase I
  • Two residential towers
  • Business centre
  • Offices to let
  • Bistro
  • Retailers
  • Underground parking
Phase II
  • Third residential tower
  • Multileveled parking
  • Leisure facilities
  • Fitness area
  • Swimming pool & Spa
Dotări & Facilități
Exterior finishes
  • Windows with Schuco aluminum profile, tripe glass
  • High coefficient of Schuco sound and thermal insulation
  • Decorative elements on metallic structure
  • Alucobond premium finish plating
Interior finishes
  • Natural stone in the bathrooms, kitchens and common spaces
  • Solid wood flooring
Air conditioning installations
  • Radiant panel cooling system
  • Mixed thermoregulator for heating and cooling
Smart Home
  • SMART HOME installations
  • Video surveillance system
  • Jacking systems sanitary network
  • Luxury sanitary ware
Thermal installations
  • Central heating system
  • Underfloor heating
  • Underfloor heating control for each room
Charging stations
  • Electric car charging stations
Ventilation installations
  • Individual ventilation system with ceramic honeycomb type Airvent
  • Complex metering system (electricity, heat, air conditioning, cold water) integrated in a software system

We know that your expectations are growing greater and more sophisticated

Your choice to live in Crown Towers comes as a natural continuation of your lifestyle. Your efforts so far, the success you have gained are all reflected in a space that you can enjoy together with those who have been and are still standing by you.


Whether your needs and wishes are shaped around a magnificent space having 2 rooms, 3 rooms, 4 rooms or a Penthouse, in Crown Towers you can find them all, meticulously finished whatever the size, in order to harmoniously satisfy the most pretentious tastes, in tune with the market trends.

Starting from 5.000 EUR + VAT/ sq meter build

A fine living experience in over 100 square meters at your home, in the newest luxury building of Bucharest. This is the definition of the one-bedroom apartment conceived in Crown Towers. The features of this home are the basis of a completely new housing standard. It will be like nothing you have seen before on the local market.

The new home brings you a complete experience, carefully polished to the smallest detail to match your lifestyle.
Every day you will enjoy the grand space intended to fulfil your wishes: design, finishing works, layout, partition – day time, night, dining or office areas – all attired in ultra-premium elements.

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2 Rooms
2 Rooms 75,78 m2
2 Rooms
2 Rooms 87,94 m2

A mix of emotions – all concentrated in your 150 square meter home. Each area of the new property will make you feel like all your efforts have been rewarded. Not only you deserve this lifestyle, but this lifestyle also suits you. You have finally found your place! The three-room apartment in Crown Towers is the essence of success, the place that comes to complete the contentedness and the satisfaction you have for all your achievements so far.

Each area of the apartment is individualized for each of your experiences: whether you want to read a book right on the terrace or in the office or you need to relax or have dinner with your family or friends, you will always have the feeling that everything happens at the next level, namely exactly as you have desired. Moreover, please do not worry! You will always have the night space necessary for your guests, in its most distinguished form.

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3 Rooms
3 Rooms 114,46 m2
3 Rooms
3 Rooms 117,81 m2
3 Rooms
3 Rooms 124,79 m2
3 Rooms
3 Rooms 108,51 m2
3 Rooms
3 Rooms 115,58 m2

Here you have over 300 square meters where you can find your dream home. The four-room apartment in Crown Towers is a spacious , which offers you absolutely everything you need in the same place, according to your own standards! The 140 square meter terrace allows you to throw luxury parties or organize exquisite meetings, right at your own.

You will host here the most refined dinners, along with the close ones, in a five-star restaurant atmosphere. Starting today, the house is everything you have ever imagined, the place where those experiences that you have lived so far in your most memorable vacations, in stunning locations will become a daily experience.

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4 Rooms
4 Rooms 152,51 m2
4 Rooms
4 Rooms 160,82 m2
4 Rooms
4 Rooms 184,58 m2
4 Rooms
4 Rooms 149,36 m2
4 Rooms
4 Rooms 178,07 m2


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